Mihir Rao


During the 2021 summer, I worked at Koji—a tech company working to advance link-in bio. As part of my internship, I used React, JavaScript, and Koji's core package to develop a crowdfunding application from scratch. I also learned about UI Design and contributed to various open source projects on GitHub. Go to Koji and learn more!


Sanitization Robot

In June 2021, I started to work on initial designs for a sanitization robot. With COVID-19 on the rise, I brainstormed different ways to disinfect areas both quickly and safely. With my experience in robotics, I eventually settled on designing and building a two-wheeled robot that could autonomously perform the task at hand. By interning at ReuBotics, I was able to bring this idea to life. Lucky enough to be mentored by Reuben Brewer, Ph.D. I was able to advance my designing, prototyping, and building skills. Below is what we came up with — enjoy!



CAD Models

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